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The Wounded Healer: Understanding Chiron in Astrology

Did you know that there are 88 constellations that cover the entire sky of the Northern and Southern hemispheres? 

The 12 most popular constellations are used for zodiac signs but there are many more out there. One of the more interesting stories from our constellations comes from Chiron. 

Continue reading to discover the interesting history of Chiron and how it became a constellation. 

Chiron in Astrology

In 1977 a comet was discovered by Charles T. Kowal and later called Chiron. This comet is located between Saturn and Uranus and crosses the orbit of both planets. This was honored for him to represent our battle through damage and wounds. 

Chiron moves quickly between Aries and the Libra sign and more than likely originated in the Kuiper Belt. When Chiron is activated through transits and progressions, it is thought to shake the world until we all wake and face our inner struggles. 

Below is some of the history of how Chiron was honored with this constellation and what he represented. 

History of Chiron 

The history of Chiron is very interesting, Chiron was a centaur. Centaurs come from Greek mythology and are known for being half man and half horse. They are often quite indulgent, however, Chiron was not. 

Chiron was both intelligent and civilized, he has been mentioned to be a healer, Oracle, and an astrologer. He was the son of Kronos, who was a Titan, making him immortal. Chiron helped guide those working through their darkest struggles with the knowledge he had of philosophy, reason, logic, music, and medicine.  

Many people think that we must face internal issues within ourselves to rise above larger issues because of Chiron's sacrifice. Psychic readings offer a great opportunity for you to get a better insight into your life and to receive guidance.

It All Ended with a Hydra

It has been told that Chiron sacrificed his life so that mankind could still use fire. 

Legend has it that Chiron died from an arrow that was poisoned with hyrda blood. There are several stories but they all included the arrow, he was unable to heal himself from the poison so he willingly gave up his life.

This story is somewhat ironic, because he was called the wounded healer, but was unable to heal himself. Astrologists continue to call Chiron the wounded healer for the sacrifice he made for mankind.  

The Legendary Chiron

Chiron has a unique history that became a story for those interested in astrology and Greek mythology. He was called the wounded healer to motivate others to work through their problems by overcoming them and turn them into something good.  

Because he was so influential, he was honored with a constellation as a reminder to put care and work into your problems. He is in the sky to teach people that internal problems must be faced and can turn into something greatly positive and significant if the care is put in.  

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