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The importance of allowing love to find you versus you finding love (Law of attraction)


Most people are so impatient when it comes to relationships, they never stop looking for love. Many people believe that love finds you when “you stop looking for it”. In today’s world, if you are not in a relationship you are believed to be “alone”. Living in a society where people convince you that being single is not “okay” can shatter your confidence. It will make you question your worth in several ways. Before you feel a certain way about yourself, ask yourself if you really need to be dependent on someone else to feel happy?

Here are a few points that will help you realize the importance of letting love find you instead of fighting for it.

1.    Why patience is a virtue?

You have probably heard that love will find you when you stop looking for it a thousand times by now. You keep looking for ways in which you can be happy. Sadly, rom-coms have lead us to believe that the only way we can be happy and complete is when we find the right person to be with.

In attempts of finding that “right” person, you start evaluating everyone who comes into your life. Your impatience will make you believe that you are not good enough. You become so desperate looking for happiness that you forget that no other person can make you happy or complete except yourself. You are not a half and you don’t need another person to make you happy. When you become selective and stop looking for love everywhere you believe in the power of the universe. You remove the power of pressure that the society puts on you.

Life is not a race:

When we are looking for love desperately, we tend to enter into one-sided relationships that don’t end well or end up becoming toxic. You need to stop chasing. You need to believe that you will not have to chase the right person. It is important to realize that this life is not a race and you don’t need to rush into anything. To find true love, you don’t need a time frame and timing does not matter. You can find love at a very young age or sometime later. There is nothing wrong with that. Trust the timing of your life. Once you stop looking for the one, you tend to become more selective in choosing your partner. 

3.    Change your mindset:

Take life as it comes. Stop feeding your brain the lies that the society is trying to make you believe. Being single is better than not being treated the way you truly deserve to. Believe that your happiness does not come from another person. You need to build a better relationship with yourself. Don’t get swept away from the rush of life. Challenge yourself to outperform in every aspect of life. Adopt an “accept and move on” mindset. Don’t let love become the only purpose in life. Live in the moment. Maybe you are not ready for another person in your life because you need to learn how to be independent when it comes to happiness.

4.   Self-love is the answer:

Love will find you when you are ready. For you to get into a relationship, you first need to fall in love with yourself. Come at peace with the fact that another person is not responsible for your happiness. Look for positivity. Make new friends. Join a yoga class. Meditate. Join clubs. Do what makes you happy. Put yourself first. Once you start putting yourself first, a lot of things will change.

There’s nothing wrong with doing things without someone else’s company. You can eat alone, travel alone. Nothing should stop you from doing all this. This will help you regain the confidence you lost searching for the “one”. Be confident in yourself. Lastly, you don’t need to lower your standards and if anyone tells you otherwise they are wrong. Be selective with your choices and be yourself, you don’t need to become somebody else trying to attract anyone. Step out of your comfort zone but don’t do things that alter you into someone else. Don’t compare yourself with anyone and just be you. Your charm lies in who you are as a person, your interests, and the things that make you happy. Stop questioning your worth

5.   Learn from your mistakes:

Forcing someone to love you is not attractive and it might make you come across as desperate. You can’t force friendships or relationships. If you can’t find them, stop looking. Allow them to find you. Anything that is meant to be for you will be. Learn from your past mistakes. Accept them the way they are and move on. Avoid making the same mistakes as you did in the past. Trust the way things work.

Drawing in the right energy:

Desperation can be seen as an insecurity. You want to attract the kind of energy that matches you the best. Mostly people like to be surrounded by the ones who are confident and emotionally stable. What kind of energy would you like to attract? You want to be around the ones you truly deserve to be with. 


Trust the timing of your life. When the time is right, you will find the person who deserves to be in your life. Rushing into a relationship is not the answer. You can’t force someone to come into your life. Make peace with it and let it go. Until you find the person who exactly matches with you (and trust me, you will) work on your flaws. How can you improve as a person? What can you do differently? Focus on your goals. Make the most of everything in life and start living in the moment.

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Love it 😉
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