The Difference between a Psychic and a Psychic Medium

Many people often get confused regarding the fact of what’s the difference between a Psychic and a Psychic Medium as both of the terms share lots of similarities in various aspects. The reason behind this confusion is due to a complex fact that all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums, and many people offer both psychic and mediumship readings, even sometimes in the same session.

Before we know the difference between these two, we should know a little more detail about these two terms. A psychic is someone who poses psychic (psionic) abilities. On the other hand, a medium is someone who can communicate with the dead and convey messages, or let the dead to speak through them.

A psychic uses their intuition to obtain information about someone’s past, present, future, or all three. A psychic, also known as intuitive receive messages from universal energy that is also called the quantum field by some people, which includes your personal aura (energy). This ability turns out to be the best in use when you are having life issues and need guidance and direction.

A psychic may receive information by reading the sitter’s energy field, connecting with one’s own or the sitter’s spirit guides or higher self, or connecting with a universal source. From time to time a psychic may use tarot cards, runes, or other tools, or utilize any other alternative method of divining information such as scrying or astrology to receive that information.

A medium owns the capabilities to communicate and interact with the dead in another dimension of the world. A medium uses psychic ability to connect with those in spirit, and so regarding this sense mediums are psychics.

Through the spirit, a medium connects with the sitter’s recognizable loved ones and provides enough thorough support to make obvious that they are really connecting with a specific individual. The fact of a medium is mostly about communicating with the dead, who are not really dead, as demonstrated by mediumship.
So below are some specific differences between a Psychic and a Psychic Medium:
  • A psychic poses the third eye that can see the future scenarios, auras, and vibration clearly. Mediums possess the capabilities to communicate and interact with the deceased in another aspect of the world.
  • The primary purpose of psychics is maybe to confirm to people what their own intuitions are telling them. The primary purpose of mediums is maybe to provide evidence that the deceased ones are at peace in the spirit world.
  • A medium is also a psychic who too uses their abilities of intuition to tap into past, present, or future events. But a psychic is not always a medium who can use their abilities of intuition to tap into past, present, or future events.
  • Psychics use clairaudient meaning perceptive hearing, clairsentient meaning perceptive sensing and feeling, clairvoyant meaning perceptive seeing, and claircognizant meaning perceptive knowing to get information. Mediums use the psychic abilities to interpret the information from the spirit world.
  • A psychic reading may offer guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective, or strategies for dealing with challenges. Mediumship doesn’t involve predictions, or analysis of one’s career, finances, or love life.
  • Being a medium requires psychic abilities. Being a psychic does not necessarily require medium abilities.
  • Psychic ability is related to more of knowing the Physical or humanity while a medium has a spiritual or paranormal knowing.
Since there is a question about the existence of psychic and medium, there is confusion about the difference between a Psychic and a Psychic Medium. All though we see the differences listed above, some people very well have both skill sets.
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I am not a medium. Yet, during my illness (cancer) over the last 14 months, I was actually able to connect with my deceased Father. He was there in my mind's eye clear as day, and communicating with me. I did go to a medium I trusted, thinking I was making it up in my mind. But, she connected and confirmed that, in fact, we were communicating. It didn't last more than a couple months - but, they were difficult months for me during treatment. I just recently connected, only once, when he returned to tell me that "he told me so", as my cancer is gone, and I just had my final surgery. 
I'm very glad you posted this information. It's very good to know. 
Thank you!
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Wow! That is such a beautiful story! You are truly blessed! Your loving father right there by your side. 😉
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