Hello Everyone! Here is our release of the next set of patch notes. Here is what we did;


  1. Updated our servers for more stability. Transferred our server to a new server with better technology.
  2. Fixed a few Internal glitches on the Advisors Side.
  3. Fixed a minor issues on the Admins Side.
  4. Fixed a glitch where Advisors could not broadcast or go online
  5. Fixed a glitch where Members couldn't view advisors when they were online in their chat-rooms.
  6. Fixed a bug where Members could not send Private Message to Advisors and vice versa.
  7. Fixed a bug that caused the live feed on the Homepage to not fit the correct dimensions and scale properly to size.
  8. Fixed a bug on the homepage when members would "appear" as if they were in an Advisors Chat-Room who was displayed on the HomePage. The Advisor would get a false alarm and greet the member who was not actually there. (Kinda funny but yeah, fixed)
  9. Fixed a bug when a member would click on the Advisor that is "Live" on the homepage, they would be directed to their profile versus their Chat-Room.
  10. Changed some words on the Advisor Side that displayed incorrectly.

  1. Advisors can now send messages to clients who aren't already in their Inbox. (Please do not spam our members with this feature.)
  2. Changed the background colors when a member views an Advisor in their chat-room from blinding white to hues of blues and purples.  Annotation 2020-08-27 223001.png  Annotation 2020-08-27 223013.png 
  3. Made a similar color change on Advisor side.
  4. Advisors now have access to their own Newsfeed for updates/news.
  5. Colors changes were also adjusted on the Advisors Newsfeed.
  6. New features were added for admins to help maintain the site.

That's all for now, stay tuned!

"Admin Management & Community Team"
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