Hello everyone! Its been a while since we have posted on this part of the forums. While we have neglected a bit adding information to this we want to stay in the habit of displaying to you what we are doing.

Bug Fixes:
  • Updated our servers for more server stability.
  • Fixed a glitch that cause both Advisors and Members not be able to upload Photos/Gifs.
  • Fixed a glitch for members that caused them to see an excessive amount of Stars by their name. (This was for Star Members
  • Fixed a glitch where Members would randomly get kicked out of advisors chat-rooms for no reason.
Website New Features:
  • Community Request: Members can now see an Advisors Schedule on their profile. This shows members when an Advisor is Online, for how long, and when what day.Please refer below screenshot:


  • The Homepage has a Newsfeed that highlights any upcoming Promos and Events.
  • Live Broadcast has now been added to the Homepage, which selects Live Advisers randomly that are ONLINE.

  • Advisor (Mitchi) Request: The sound notification will notify Advisers and the client when CREDITS GETS LOW. 

  • Timer for Clients was created in Private Chat so they can see the time remaining in a session. Also, this can be hidden. 

That's all for now! Stay tuned! 

                                                "Admin Management & Community Team"
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