Hello Everyone!

Another Patch!

Here's what we did;

  • Fixed a glitch where the Trumpet Sound effect would still sound when a member goes to Private. The new sound has been implemented. Second times the charm. 😉
  • Community Request: Members can now see clearly when an adviser is in "Members Mode" which means an adviser is available for private at any given moment but not available Live in "Free-Chat
  • Created a Tab called "Online Support" removed the widget on all pages as it got in the way for some users via computer/mobile. Members/Advisers that need assistance from our support team will need to click "Online Support"
  • Improved functionality of the site and stability on both desktop and Mobile.
  • Special Gift: Member Gkracing5 received a star on behalf of Allastor for assisting in the promotion of our beautiful and developing community! (This will be released on Thursday)
  • Community Request: Live-Psychics page color schemed has changed from blinding white light to theme colors.
  • Buy Credits Page color scheme has changed to more appropriate colors
  • Special Offers Page color scheme has changed to more appropriate colors.
If you have any questions about this or comments please feel free to post below! We are always striving to make sure the site is running as smoothly as possible! 

"Admin Management & Community Team"
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