Hello Everyone!

Our first Patch Notes Post!! The links posted below are screenshots of the before, so you can compare to the now.

Here's what we did;

  • Fixed the sound effect for when Advisers get taken to Private from Trumpets to a more soothing and not startling noise. 

  • Community Request - Added an interactive and incentive "program" for loyal customers called the "Wheel Of Loyalty".

  • Reduced the cool-down time of the "Wheel Of Loyalty" from every 30 days to every 15 days.

  • Community Request - Computers: Fixed an issue where the "Live Support Chat" was blocking the Social Media Icons from being used.

  • Community Request - Created a feature so that Members can see how much time they will get before entering into "Private or Group Chat" with a Reader. This Feature displays itself on the Private and Group Chat Buttons.

If you have any questions about this or comments please feel free to post below! We are always striving to make sure the site is running as smoothly as possible! 😉

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