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Out of Body Experiences

Many times, when sleeping, we can have projections of our physical body. This may seem unintelligible.

However, for many people it is totally real. Since checking out-of-body experiences is nearly impossible, people question them.

Out-of-body experiences can be strange at first. But, they can be mastered to some degree. Since the human being is often afraid of the unknown, having an out-of-body experience can be overwhelming.

Out-of-body experiences go beyond science. As they are spiritual situations, no expert has managed to verify how truthful they can be. 
Despite this, it does not mean that the detachment of the physical body from the astral world is the product of the imagination.

Many people have taken it upon themselves to study experiences outside the body. It is said that this type of astral travel was practiced since ancient times. Despite this, before the new millennium, there were no major records of this activity.

Therefore, the practices to be able to master and understand these kinds of experiences were very difficult.

William Bulhman and the out-of-body journey

The astral journey has been a topic of interest that, little by little, has been advancing. More and more people are deciding to undergo a process of meditation to reach it. In fact, there are many authors, who relate their astral experiences in their books. So it is with William Buhlman.

The story of how William Buhlman manages to focus on astral travel beliefs is one of the most widely read. This author refers in his book to what his beliefs were like before entering the out-of-body world.

Like many people, William Buhlman questioned the belief in a higher being, a God. He focused on the scientific and denied the possibility of life after death. Until the day comes, when, in a conversation with a friend, the topic of out-of-body experiences comes up.

It should be noted that the term "Extracorporeal" was totally unknown for the time of the 70s. Well, it is in this time, where the author begins to investigate astral concepts and stories.

William Bulhman recounts in his book in detail how he began in the experiences of another dimension. At first, it was weeks of practice. In these, the author visualized in detail a specific place before sleeping. At first, the author says, he only remembered the dreams he had better. But, it was after three weeks, when he managed to unfold from the body for the first time.

The author says that this experience was inexplicable and that it generated great fear. However, he continued with the practices. Little by little, he began to understand how to start the spiritual world. Also, he realized that he represented everything. In addition to this, he was understanding the vibrations he felt on each trip.

Through each meditation he had before sleeping, he made extracorporeal activity more conscious. At first they lasted a short second. As time went by, he managed to stay minutes outside of his physical body. 

How to undergo an astral journey

There are several factors that must be taken into account to achieve an out-of-body trip. It all starts when we go to sleep. There is a point where we are between asleep and awake. It is a light line that connects us from the real world to the astral world.

It is at this point that we go through a creative and highly lived process. And, precisely, if we open our eyes at that moment, everything is erased from our minds. 

When sleeping, you have to concentrate and focus on some space that you know. In the surroundings, there should be no annoying noise. If there are distractions in the surroundings, the level of concentration will be very slight. Yes, a good concentration is maintained before sleeping, if time and space are sensitized, it is possible to have out-of-body experiences. However, this takes time.

Assimilating each trip is not easy. Perceiving and mastering every vibration, every movement, every thought is accomplished with patience and in full meditation. Every person who has managed to enter the astral world, tells that there is a plane where we connect with spiritual beings.

Actually, these are situations that can only be described and understood by the people who live it, but, despite this, it cannot be doubted, since these types of experiences are totally personal.

Mental induction

Being able to connect with the spiritual world today is more acceptable and attractive than in other times. More and more people are seeking to get involved, in one way or another, in out-of-body travel. In fact, there are authors who propose different techniques to get into and define different terms.

William Buhlman applied a method of mental induction. In this process, he managed to keep his mind awake but the physical body remained numb. When practicing a mental induction, the method to return to the body is very simple. In William Buhlman's case, once in the astral dimension, he concentrated on returning to his physical state. This does not mean that it was the only method.

Each person who manages to establish a connection between both worlds, can define for himself, his methods of return. Salvador Dalí, made mention of a kind of astral connection, similar to that of William Bulhman. With this, he could get visions, to carry out his works.

Yes, one of the benefits of connecting with the astral world is having clear visions that can solve situations in the real world. And, not only to solve, also to promote ideas and stimulate real perceptions. This can lead to success for anyone. Because of these connections, streams of meditation have arisen, practiced throughout the world. 

Stabilizing the mind and body, under relaxation and meditation processes, help to focus ideas and improve visions. Despite the method that William Bulhman used, there are those who practice chemical and mechanical inductions. However, mental induction is what is accomplished consciously and precisely.


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