Falling in love is meant to be a two-sided story, it’s incomplete if it’s just one-sided, you can’t stop until you find the complete piece of the story.

Fall in love with the heart and not the beautiful face, the face would get old but a heart that is in love would forever be young.  

Falling in love with someone is that moment when you feel the world stand still and it’s just you and the person against the world, a moment filled with insecurities and anxiety, the fear of living a minute without that person scares you off.  

It's rather sweet, but “to fall in love” is one of the most common expressions in English. We usually use it to explain that we have strong feelings for another person – but it can be used for things too.

1. Love at first sight 

Your eyes met across a crowded room and you know that instant you would be together forever.

This is a very common idiom that expresses that one person (or both people) see each other and fall in love immediately. There are lots of romantic stories that start out this way – but just as many that don’t! So don’t worry if you didn’t love your partner right away!

2. Unrequited Love


Unrequited love is when one person falls in love with someone, but that person doesn’t love them back. Many people say that unrequited love is one of the most painful things you can experience! So we hope that your feelings are reciprocated this year!

3. Love is blind

We say love is blind – and it means that we care about someone so much we don’t see their faults. Sometimes it also means that we love someone so much that we don’t notice when they are doing something wrong!

4. To be head over heels in love

Being head over heels in love means to be completely, utterly, without question in love with someone. It’s an amazing feeling – the sun is always out the sky is a brilliant blue – and even if it is raining you don’t care because everything is PERFECT!

5. Three little words

I LOVE YOU . When someone talks about the ‘three little words’ – they’re talking about “I love you”. It’s funny, because even if they are little, they are very powerful. Can you remember the last time you said those words to someone?

6. To have a crush on someone  

You see them around all the time. Perhaps they’re at work, on the bus, or even in your English class. They are cute, they’re funny and you imagine yourself walking off into the sunset together. Yep, that’s right. You’ve got a crush on someone! 

7. To tie the knot

I hear wedding bells, I don’t know about you. When someone ties the knot, it means they have got married. That’s it – dating is over forever!

8. Your better half

This is a very diplomatic way of describing your partner. Your other half is the person who completes you and makes you a better person.
9. The apple of your eye  

The apple of your eye is the person you care about the most. It doesn’t always refer to your partner (it can be your son or daughter too). 

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Very interesting, it really impressed me, I had these versions separately and I had never read them all at once, this is very good
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wao very deep and at the same time concrete
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Nice article Ayesha! I learned a few things from this! I loved it! 🙂
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wao very deep and at the same time concrete
I thought so too Carl! Very deep message.
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very beautiful congratulations these reflections, give encouragement to continue in love with life
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