Hi everyone!

We are happy for anyone to use these forums as expressing ideas, knowledge, suggestions, feedback etc, but please keep in mind that's the intent of this form and the only intent.

Before I explain specifics I want to stress what our goals are for these forums. The forums are meant to be a place where people can come, express their opinions and have constructive discussions without fear of attack or harassment. Please always keep this in mind! 

Let's talk details:

  • Things that are usual forum "nonos" like bumping a thread. We are not going to go as crazy actioning these types of things. That doesn't mean we won't just delete them with no notice. Again, don't do them, because if you are being disruptive, it can still lead to actions being taken against your account.

  • Posts that are often reported for trolling. These types of posts are not always the most constructive or involve direct feedback, but as long as they remain harmless and in good spirits we will err on the side of leaving them be.

  • Kindly we also ask that you do NOT use the same color as Moderator or Admin. Infractions will be applied if done so. Some will not understand why we have this rule either but it helps keep things separated. Thank you!
Where we will continue to be strict:

  • Any type of post or thread that is political or religious and this also includes analogies of the same type. I know some folks will not understand why we have this rule in place. The problem is that when you make a comparison which is religious or political in nature, it almost always derails that discussion into a religious or political one, which is something that just serves no purpose here. So please stay away from these types of posts as they will continue to be removed and will almost always include a warning or infraction.
  • Threads and responses that are vulgar or sexual in nature.
  • Threads where the only subject is another Psychic Site or is very off-topic. At the end of the day this is still THE ONE TRUE CATALYST: The Catalyst Forum and so all threads should revolve around our Site.
Call-outs of any kind are strictly not permitted. This includes calling out specific members or Advisers. To get one step further, even posts that appear to have good intent are still in violation of this rule and are not permitted. We want everyone to feel that the forums are a safe place for them and this type of post only serves to harass other players.
  • Intentionally posting false information in the hopes of "stirring up" the community. If it is very clear you have made a post with the intent of lying about facts in order to create disorder, your post will be removed and you will be actioned for it. This type of behavior only serves to incite negative reactions from our forum users.
Discussion of moderation is still not allowed.

New Infraction/Warning Structure:

With our new policies in place on *what* we will action against, we are also making similar changes to our warning and infraction system. Although we are giving you a bit more freedom in what you can say, if you continually cross those lines you will be actioned appropriately.

In most cases, your first violation will net you a warning. This warning will remind you of what you have done and will act as a friendly reminder to avoid this type of behavior. (For severe violations, a user may skip receiving a warning and go right to an infraction.)

After you have received a warning, if you do something else which violates our forum rules, you will receive an infraction. All infractions are now worth 5 points each and suspensions will work as follows:

5 points - 3 day suspension
10 points - 7 day suspension
15 points - Permanent ban

TOSFR: We want to provide the opportunity for all of you to be able to express your opinions, even disagreements, in a way that does not have you in fear of being reprimanded. However, even with this leeway we will not tolerate players making hurtful statements, harassing, or directly attacking each other in a way that is not constructive.

We hope this makes sense as we wish to keep a clean environment for everyone. Please feel free to report any issues. We will be monitoring the forums heavily.

-Admin Management & Community Team
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