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Keep Calm and Don't Panic: Surviving July's Planets in Retrograde

When you feel like life is slowing you down, bringing back past relationships or ruining all of your trips you might blame it on Mercury retrograde. But when you feel like all aspects of your life have been turned upside down, you can pretty much blame five planets retrograding at the same time.

This probably sounds much scarier than it is but you don't have to worry. There are plenty of ways to, not only survive simultaneous retrogrades but to make them work out best for you. Keep reading to check out how to navigate all of the planets in retrograde in July. 


Mercury is one of the most common and frequent planets in retrograde each year. This planet rules everything that has to do with communication and expression.

Take time to slow down and reflect on how you may be coming across in your self-expression. This is also a great time to get any paperwork in order and tie up loose ends that may be waiting to be resolved. Be cautious about starting new projects, getting into arguments over misunderstandings and travel plans that may become challenging.


When it comes to Jupiter, get ready for blessings and expansion. Jupiter is often seen as the planet of luck, benevolence and good fortune.

This might all sound good but you still have some internal work to do to make sure you get all that Jupiter has to offer. Focus on being authentic and personal growth to move forward with the energy.


Saturn may be one of the most difficult planets in retrograde to deal with. The Lord of Karma is restrictive and rules limitations and responsibilities. Saturan basically wants to see how well we can take care of ourselves by implementing boundaries, hard work, consistency, and discipline.

There may be some intense light shed and lessons coming up surrounding your behavioral patterns in regards to physical routines. Write down plans, stay focused on goals and practice patience.


If you feel something in life stirring up or foundations being rattled, you may be feeling the influence of Uranus. This planet is all about sudden changes and eruptions. 

This is a good time to reflect on areas of life where you've become set in your ways and switch things up. You might want to try new daily routines or break some old habits. Shake up your own life before it gets shaken up for you.


Neptune is a dreamy planet that governs illusions and perception. When Neptune is one of the planets in retrograde, your sense of reality may be challenged.

If you've been using escapism a lot or are have been viewing life through "rose-colored glasses", this is the time to take a good look at what is actually going on.


Pluto being one of the planets in retrograde means that its time to exercise your inner power. This is a time where a lot of deep emotions may begin to surface and you will be challenged to deal with it.

Take the time to review and lean into any hurt, pain, fear, anger or any other intense emotions that may arise. Be sure to take care of yourself throughout this time.


Some would consider Chiron an asteroid but it is a significant astrological figure nonetheless. Chiron symbolizes the wounded healer and helps us to acknowledge our pain points.

During this retrograde, you may be called to look towards your old wounds and find purpose through healing.

Need More Info on Planets in Retrograde?

It may seem like a tough time when there are multiple planets in retrograde. But no need to worry. You are strong enough to face any challenges that come your way with a little focus and maybe a good amount of meditation.

If you're still feeling uneasy or underprepared for the astrological events, check out the latest on our blog for more guidance and information.

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