Dream Big: Live Your Life and Be Positive

The basic rule for success is for you to continue to remind yourself that you are where you are, and what you are because of yourself. You are in your current situation because you have decided to be there. You have made the individual choices and decisions that have gotten you to your current place in life. If you want to go somewhere else or be someone else, it is totally up to you to make the choices and decisions today that will eventually get you there and there are no limits.

Positive Thinking Will Change Your Life

Here is another rule:  “If you want your life to get better, you have to get better.”

This simply means that your outer world will be a reflection of your inner world. If you want your outer world to improve, you must go to work on improving your inner world.

If you want to have better customers and more sales, you must become a better and more personable salesperson. If you want to have better employees, you must become a better manager.  If you want to have better children, you must become a better parent. And if you want to have better relationships, you must become a better person.

The great tragedy is that the world is full of people who are trying to change the outside world without going to work on the one thing that they can control their own thinking!

Change Your Thinking

Here is another rule: “If you change the quality of your thinking, you change the quality of your life.”

 And since you can change the quality of your thinking almost infinitely, there are no limits on how you can change and improve every part of your life, in any direction you want to go.

 There is a lot of talk today about positive thinking and I think that positive thinking is very important.

 It is much better for you to think positively about yourself and your possibilities than for you to think negatively. But the danger is that positive thinking can quickly turn into positive wishing and hoping.  Positive wishing and hoping can turn a person into a very optimistic and happy failure.

 Abraham Mallow said that the story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short, and settling for far less than that of which they are capable.  Don’t let this happen to you.



The Power Of Positive Knowing

What is better than positive thinking 
is “positive knowing.” 

This is where you take the steps and do the things that bring you to the point where you absolutely know, with complete certainty, that you can achieve your goals and be the kind of success that it is possible for you to be.

When you reach the point of positive knowing, no matter what happens in the outside world, even if you lose everything you have acquired, you will make it all back again, and more, because you know how to do it in the first place.

I want to share some ideas with you that have been very helpful to me and to many thousands of other highly successful men and women.

These are all ways of thinking and looking at your world that will enable you to become a far more optimistic, confident, and creative individual in everything you do. These are simple, powerful, proven techniques that you can use to throw off your self-imposed limits and begin moving toward the realization of your full potential.

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