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Originally Posted by Ayesha


In Honor Of Lenmana's Presentation

Different Archangels

The first question that comes to mind is who is an archangel? What do they do? How many are they? How do they operate? Where do they live? These different questions have been asked by a lot of people.

This article tries to put everything to perspective and give the answers to some of these questions, and give certain knowledge on the rest. First and foremost, who is an archangel?

An archangel is simply a high ranking archangel. These are beings that God created to do exactly his bidding, they are his perfect, attentive messenger who delivers and execute out his word.

It is important to state out that these beings are dependent on faith. The Christian Faith, The Judaism Faith, The Islamic Faith, and Baha'i Faith.

What do they do?

As said earlier, they execute God’s word with precision and perfection. All they think about his God and how to do his work.

Apart from God, they help human beings obey the will of God – which is also the intent of God himself. They help humans with love, understanding, compassion, support and assistance.

According to certain spiritual persons, they are part of the higher-order that helps with every support we need within the spiritual realm. They help in the answering and delivering of our prayers.

The Archangels

According to the Catholic, they believe that only three archangels exist, Angel Michael, Angel Gabriel, and Angel Raphael. According to them, they believe that the other names mentioned are not about the Holy Canonical Scripture.

According to Islam, four archangels exist; Jibrael (Gabriel), Mikael (Michael), Israfil (Raphael), and Azrael (Azra’il). To some faith, it is seven; Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Jophiel, Ariel, Azrael, and Chamuel. And to some, it is 15, the seven mention above including Haniel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Raguel, Raziel, Sandalphon, and Zadkiel.

If you look closely at all the names, there is a common occurrence. Yeah, you guessed right, -el ending. El means of God.

On an overall look, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael are constantly recurring. However, the case may be, we are giving you an understanding of the twelve archangels – a collective of all the religions and faith. Let’s do this is alphabetical fashion.


Considered the Lioness of God, she is known as the guardian and healer of nature – human and animals alike.

She is also known as the regulator of the underworld and maintains the world order. A grand summary of everything she does is the protector of earth and the life within.



Known as the angel of death, it is easy to mistake what he does.

He helps those in grief and helps those who are just died by guiding their souls to heaven. He helps with every kind of guidance within the very scary world of grief and seemly bad endings. He helps us navigate life so many changes.



This angel of peace helps us within our state of conflict and helps us attain inner peace during hard times.

He aims at attaining universal peace at all times. He has an omniscient vision which helps him see our most innate desires and helps attain them for us. Also, he is a great representation of strength and courage. He connects us to those who are right for us.



She is a guardian angel. She helps communicate desires via our work, she always in the room help us with our daily inspiration so that our work has meaning and pass God’s message to those that need it.

Since procrastination, fear, motivation is often related to many of our works and tends to slow us down, she helps us find ways to overcome them. She was there for many great occurrences within the Bible such as helping Daniel understand his vision, birth of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist announcement.



The Grace of God gives us intuition, understanding, high thought, simple wisdom and knowledge. She helps with helping us with the above and in developing our talents, abilities and gifts.



Considered the Divine Deliverer of Mercy and Grace. His work focus is grace, hope and mercy for mankind. He helps us with our mistakes. If you need honest comment on your decision, action or behaviour, Archangel Jeremiel will give you.



Known as one of the seven principal archangels, she helps brings beauty to our life. For beauty in thoughts, feelings, life works, she is all you need. She gives you are a positive mindset. She helps you find beauty in the world even when you can’t find it.



Formerly a human prophet, his life was rewarded with life as an archangel. He removes our low energies and pushes away any unwanted energy. He helps with concepts that require a higher understanding. He helps with our projects and management.



An archangel that protects, and has great strength, courage and power. He shields us from every problem coming our way.
Often likened as the He who is like God, he gives guidance on everything about our life.



Known as the Angel of Justice, he is considered a friend of God. He provides truth, peace and honesty within every situation. He brings about harmony. Also, he helps with our many relationships.



One of the recurring archangels across many religions, he is regarded as the angel of healing. He reveals to us the true state of mind, body and soul, God has given to us. He is comfort within our different state of mind and issues.



Helps with converting our knowledge into practical wisdom. One can consider him, the angel of practicality. He helps one stay focused. He guides to a better understanding of the spiritual realm. In certain cases, he helps with our life questions.



Alongside Metatron, he was a prophet who was handed archangel realm status due to the life he spent. Some believe it is Elijah who descended up to heaven. He holds the connection between heaven and earth, and he helps deliver our prayer to heaven. He helps us to understand how to pray.



This archangel is the Light of God. He sheds God's light on our lives to help us attain higher life in every aspect. He enlightens us about the things that God wants for us. He protects humankind from fallen angels. However, he provides illumination over the deep things of God.



He is the righteousness of God, and he helps us with forgiveness. He puts our past and present into perspective and helps with our issues. He helps with memory and lets us not forget our origin.


When to call on them

In our times of need and despair, they have different responsibilities. We can simply call on God, and he will send the appropriate archangel to your aid.

Remember the story of Daniel in the Bible where his blessing was held up by the Prince of Persia. God sent Angel Michael to destroy the Prince of Persia.

They have their strengths and based on that strength; they deliver God’s intention on earth.

However, certain people believe that they are up to hundreds of archangels. Whatever you believe, you certainly believe in these angels, do live right and they will come to your aid in your times of need.

Even certain individuals believe that particular archangels are assigned to a person, but that isn't specifically proven by any faith.

However, we should know that archangels are helping us within the spiritual realm. Bid them a prayer.


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