Every year brings us new beginnings, new hopes, new opportunities, and also new challenges and the year 2019 won't be any different! We have got a number of important astrological events this year like that of previous years and will also get some more in the upcoming days this year. These astrology events are connected with some powerful energies and spirituality that impact human life. We got the blessing of cosmos with wonderful possibilities and expecting some more in the future. The cosmos also put some obstacles in our way so that we can grow and transform accordingly. 

Dealing with such energies perfectly are assumed to be the key to having a successful year. If you can deal with these wisely, you are more likely to end up coming out on top. Considering the importance of all the zodiac signs and facts, we have created a handy chart highlighting all the most important astrology events happening throughout the year. Knowing the details of every astrology event will help us in several ways.

Let us have a look at the list of some important astrology events happening between now and the end of the year:

June 16, September 21: Jupiter square Neptune
You may find yourself very easily deceived by the illusory energy of Neptune and expansive energy of Jupiter at the time two planets aspect. This is the time when you may make mistakes by trusting someone you should not or you feel so much interest in love. You may feel more optimistic than usual at this time and also remain cautious so the energy cannot lead you the wrong way. Fortunately, once you get past September 21, you won't have to worry about this energy for another six years.

June 18, November 8: Saturn sextile Neptune
Impossible things start becoming the not-so-impossible when Saturn syncs up with naive Neptune. The chances of fulfilling your dreams in your life increases. Saturn helps you to be more focused on wildest fantasies, while also applying hard work and a more sensible approach. The time is very fruitful to you if you can utilize this. Unfortunately, after November 8, you won't have another opportunity like this for another 12 years.

July 2: New Moon (Total SOLAR Eclipse) in Cancer
Total Solar Eclipses are compelling enough on their own, but the eclipse in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn. This energy may result in leaving your comfort zone and reimagining the definition of what's familiar or secure to arise. You should consider this eclipse as a much-needed cosmic jolt to let go of whatever it was you thought made you firm. This is the time when you can truly become the master of your own universe.

July 7- July 31: Mercury Retrograde in Leo and Cancer
The Mercury Retrograde period begins in Leo and ends in Cancer. At this time you will be motivated to speak more directly from your heart, setting aside your ego in favor of true communication. Unfortunately, some of the incidents may not occur in your favor as you and your family members would not seem to view things in a similar way.

October 31- November 20: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
Scorpio the exposer of our dirty messes and Mercury is the planet of communication. So, when these two forces sync up in the sky, you could be confronted with issues of honesty and intimacy. At this time, you could be shocked by the combination of your secrets, your pain of a previous betrayal, and your own internal darkness. It is not mandatory to mention that Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio could throw us all for a loop.

December 2, 2019- December 20, 2020: Jupiter enters Capricorn
Jupiter will move from buoyant Sagittarius to serious Capricorn and this will provide the signal so that you can make a more measured approach to get big success. Capricorn always tends to be persistent that means you will have the fortitude to push forward with your plans even when things are not running smoothly. The great planning and consistency will get you all the blessings of Jupiter during this transit. Fortunately, you will get the energy in the entire 2019 and almost all of 2020.

These are just a few highlights of many that will be happening. If you want a more detailed list, feel free to comment below.

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